Our Academies

Our School Trust serves a range of distinctive communities across Cornwall, Devon and Torbay. Our academies are organised into regional hubs because this enables local level collaboration and development as well as working collectively with the wider School Trust family members.

Our academies take a collective responsibility for all children in our School Trust family and we do this by working together to enable children to flourish academically alongside the range of experiences and opportunities that we offer through the curriculum so that children’s horizons are not limited, and aspirations and expectations are high.

Our academies are proud to work in an aligned way whilst recognising and celebrating the individual, distinctive communities that they serve. We are an inclusive School Trust with both church and community schools working together. Each of our academies has its own clear vision and strong values which drive the curriculum offer.

Explore the map below to find out more about our schools and to visit their websites:

"Our children are proud to be part of our Trust family. Every school is unique and serves a unique community but we achieve more for our children in every way by being together than we ever would alone." Head Teacher

Our Academies


  • Cornwall Hub
  • South Devon Hub
  • South Hams Hub
  • Torquay Hub
  • West Devon Hub
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