Pupil Feedback

Stakeholder feedback helps shape the direction and actions we take in our School Trust family. Alongside staff and parent feedback we ask pupils to tell us what it feels like to be a learner in our School Trust family.

Each school completes their own questionnaire and these are amalgamated to provide a School Trust wide view of our pupils.

We are delighted that our 2024 survey included our 2 new schools in our West Devon Hub. We are proud that despite their ‘newness’ we have sustained and built upon those positive responses from last year and our newest members already feel part of the school trust family in such positive, tangible ways.

Trust Pupil Survey Report (May 2024)


Our 2023 feedback highlighted that the children were fully aware that they are part of a wider Trust family and they challenged their leaders and teachers to enable opportunities to learn, play and work together.

Trust Pupil Questionnaire – Spring 2023