The Founding Members of the Learning Academy Partnership are the subscribers to our School Trust’s Memorandum of Association.  They have an overview of our School Trust’s business so that they can  be assured that the Board is exercising effective governance.

Our School Trust comprises up to 5 (simple majority foundation) Members. The Members are accountable to the Department for Education and have ultimate responsibility for the School Trust achieving its charitable objectives. They sign off the Articles of Association and have the power to appoint and remove the Trustees.  

The current Members of the Trust are:

  • EDEN; acting corporately by hand of its representative Archdeacon Douglas Dettmer – Foundation
  • University of St Mark & St John (Professor Gary Kinchin) – Foundation
  • Askel Veur: acting corporately by hand of its representative Lee Moscato  – Foundation
  • Mr Mark Iddles  – Non-Foundation
  • Mr Paul Cornish – Non-Foundation

Members and their representatives are asked to declare any relevant business and pecuniary interests when they are appointed and are invited to declare any relevant interest at the start of each meeting so any conflict can be managed appropriately.

The majority of the Members should remain independent of the Trust Board.

Members will meet at least on two occasions in the academic year.  The Chair of Trustees will normally attend the meetings and the Members will receive minutes from the Trust Board Meetings.