Transforming your School’s Reading Culture

The Core sessions are run by Ilsham English Hub 12.30 – 3pm run on zoom:

  • Core Session 1: Reading for Pleasure: a whole school culture: 12th October
  • Core Session 2: Creating whole school change: 23rd November
  • Core Session 3: Creating a reading school: structural changes: 18th January
  • Core Session 4: Creating a reading school: behavioural changes: 15th March
  • Core Session 5: Celebrating impact and sustaining change: 21st June

The TSRC programme is a sustained, research based CPD programme aimed at primary English Leads.

During the course of the programme participants will engage deeply with reading for pleasure pedagogy and leadership theory to transform their school’s reading culture.

Participants will attend 5 sessions and complete gap tasks in between sessions. Gap tasks will be related to developing participants’ own knowledge of children’s literature, understanding of reading for pleasure pedagogy and developing the reading for pleasure culture in their school. These sessions run 12.30-3pm. Those who commit will be expected to attend all sessions. (This is currently not open to Wave 4 Partner Schools – if this is you then please email

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