Transforming your School’s Reading Culture

We are running a medium level support group for English leaders and looking at how to develop a whole school reading community and culture.

This consists of 5 core sessions for English Leaders run by the Ilsham English Hub alongside 10 optional workshops which are run by the New Vision English Hub.

You will need to sign up to attend all 5 core sessions to be part of this support group and then you are also welcome to attend the optional workshops which I am sure you will find very valuable as well.

Session dates (Sessions are 12.30 – 3pm):

  • Core Session 1: Reading for Pleasure: a whole school culture: 14th October 2021
    Core Session 2: Creating whole school change: 25th November 2021
    Core Session 3: Creating a reading school: structural changes: 20th January 2022
    Core Session 4: Creating a reading school: behavioural changes: 10th March 2022
    Core Session 5: Celebrating impact and sustaining change: 23rd June 2022

To book your place on the Core sessions please please email:

The TSRC programme is a sustained, research based CPD programme aimed at primary English Leads. During the course of the programme participants will engage deeply with reading for pleasure pedagogy and leadership theory to transform their school’s reading culture. Participants will attend 5 sessions and complete gap tasks in between sessions. Those who commit will be expected to attend all sessions.Programme aims:

  • Understand the research underpinning RfP practice and pedagogy
  • Widen knowledge of children’s literature
  • Transform whole school reading culture in your school
  • Develop the leadership skills to initiate and sustain change
  • Become advocates for RfP and share experiences and best practice

Optional zoom workshops run by New Vision English Hub (4-4.30pm):

  • 23rd November – Setting up a staff book club
  • 7th December – Making the most of libraries
  • 11th January – Making World Book Day purposeful
  • 25th January – Creating social and inviting book corners
  • 8th February – Don’t ‘pay’ children to read: developing children’s intrinsic motivation to read
  • 1st March – Developing informal ‘book talk’
  • 15th March – Intervention for Reading for Pleasure
  • 26th April – Reading identities
  • 17th May – Successful author visits
  • 14th June – Engaging parents in your school’s reading culture