Herts for Learning –  Fluency Synopsis Project Intervention – Fully funded spaces available Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/e/fnX3yzaxGU

– January 2024 onwards – This training is delivered as 3 sessions – one self study module and two live sessions.

This CPD event will provide an overview of the transformational teaching strategies skilfully woven throughout the HFL Reading Fluency Project, including modelled expressive reading, echo reading, repeated reading, performance reading, text marking, challenging text selection and modelling of comprehension skills.

Project participant pupils at KS2 have made an average of 2 years 3 months progress in their reading comprehension age following the eight-week intervention* (*outcomes are measured on the full project using the York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension). Furthermore, pupils typically demonstrated the following changes in reading behaviour: increased stamina, improved reading accuracy, increased enjoyment of reading, heightened confidence, and improved engagement with a range of reading material.  This training provides a condensed version of the key messages and strategies which are shared with delegates through participation in the full projects.

Session 1 – Understanding the Intervention – e-learning module (60-90 minutes to complete) live from January 2024

This is an eLearning module accessed via the HFL Education Hub. Delegates will be set up on the HFL Education Hub approx. 1 week prior to the live training dates and will receive a confirmation email inviting them to start this module. This module should be completed before attending the live webinars; the module takes approximately 60-90 mins to complete.

Session 2: live webinar 1-2.30 date TBC, – Delivering session A

Session 3: live webinar 2.45-4.15pm date TBC, – Delivering Session B and next steps.

Sessions will be recorded and available for signed up schools to access for one week after the date, however attendance at the live session is advised.

You will be set up on the system prior to the date of the live webinars.  When you log into your account, you will be able to access the links and resources for Sessions 2 and 3. 

Learning Outcomes

  • have a deeper understanding of the effective strategies used in the HFL Reading Fluency Project
  •  to gain confidence in delivering the key pedagogical approaches
  • to consider the reading profile of under attaining pupils
  • feel confident to be able to implement the strategies back in the classroom
  • be equipped with resources to implement aspects of the project