Warberry C of E Academy welcomes famous author to open brand new library

Warberry C of E Academy, which is part of the Learning Academy Partnership, were delighted to welcome world-famous author Lesley Pearse for the grand opening of their new school library.

Over the last term, the school library has been refurbished and replenished with the most fabulous range of books for all the children in the school to enjoy from Nursery up to Year 6. 

Lesley Pearse cut the ribbon to announce the library officially open and then spent time with a small group of children who were eagerly awaiting her visit. She spoke of her love of reading being the key to her writing success and recalled some of her favourite children’s books that she enjoyed as a child and continues to enjoy with various family members now. 

The pupils in Years 4 and 5 were completely inspired as she led a question-and-answer session in the academy’s hall. She spoke about the importance of practising writing to keep improving and again reiterated how vital reading is to everything in life, which is something that the academy strongly believes.

Following Lesley’s visit the children were buzzing with excitement and enthusiasm to become authors when they grow up.

Karen Southard, Headteacher at Warberry C of E Academy, said:

“At Warberry C of E Academy, we believe it is incredibly important to instil our pupils with a love of reading and so it was wonderful to have Lesley speak with them about how it can lead to a career in writing. Following her visit, our enthusiastic pupils are even more excited to have a brand-new library where they can enjoy all of their favourite books with their peers.

“I want to say a huge thank you so much to Lesley for officially opening our new library and spending time answering our pupils’ questions.”

Warberry C of E Academy welcomes famous author to open brand new library