Inspirational Mayoral visit at Ilsham C of E Academy

The children at Ilsham Church of England Academy, part of the Learning Academy Partnership, welcomed the Civic Mayor Mandy Darling and her guide dog, Pepsi, into their classrooms this week.

Every child in the school had the chance to meet the Mayor and ask questions to learn more about her role. Throughout the afternoon, the children learned about the roles and responsibilities of the Mayor and how she had progressed through her career from Councillor to Mayor.

Ilsham C of E Academy is committed to teaching the children about all different kinds of people and the various roles they play in society. Meeting a local public figure, such as the Mayor, has been a fabulous learning opportunity to allow the children to expand their understanding of the office and the community.

The academy was proud to give pupils the opportunity to meet the Mayor and learn about her role in the community, leading them to ask even more questions about the community they all belong to. Children at the academy were also very proud to welcome the Mayor and display their exemplary behaviour in the classroom.

The children at the academy excitedly prepared for the visit all week, thinking hard about what questions they would ask the Mayor and choosing their favourite classwork to share with her. The school buzzed all day with the children discussing what they had each learned from the visit.

Jake Grinsill, Head Teacher at Ilsham C of E Academy, said: “It is incredibly important that our children get to meet with inspirational people. At Ilsham, we want our children to learn about the various roles people play in our wider society. School is all about igniting passions and we want children to think ‘that could be me one day’.”

“So many of the children came away from the visit telling us that they would like to be the Mayor in the future and we hope to welcome them back to inspire the next generation in the future.”

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Inspirational Mayoral visit at Ilsham C of E Academy