Lifton Community Academy receives prestigious award for supporting schools to provide a gold-standard science provision

Lifton Community Academy, which is part of the Learning Academy Partnership, has earned the prestigious Primary Science Quality mark for outreach.


The academy is proud to have earned the highest of the three quality marks in the primary range, which reflects their gold-standard science curriculum as well as their support for academies within their trust and across the region to enhance their science provision.


To promote science, the academy has set up special science learning days and a science fair. Katie Russell, Science Lead at Lifton Community Academy has also supported other schools to introduce the same events, both virtually and in person.


The academy has always placed high importance on providing high-quality science teaching. A large amount of the valuable knowledge and skills the children are learning in their science lessons is transferrable to other subjects and has helped to ensure they are continuing to flourish.   


Over the past year, Katie Russell has also been supporting other schools to raise the profile of science and the importance of providing quality science teaching. This support also included helping schools to develop their science curriculum, deliver subject specific CPD, as well as working with other professionals in the wider community, including Launceston Library to ensure they are providing as many opportunities as possible.


Finally, Katie also set up a Facebook group, called Science at Home, to support families and teachers during the Covid19 pandemic. Everyone at the academy is incredibly proud of Katie for the work she has done to raise the quality of science education both at Lifton Community Academy and at other schools locally.


The Primary Science Quality Mark is awarded by the University of Hertfordshire in collaboration with the Primary Science Teaching Trust.


Katie Russell, Science Lead at Lifton Community Academy, said: “It is so fantastic to see the work we have been doing to widen access to a high-quality science curriculum recognised by the Primary Science Quality Mark. By enhancing our science provision, we are able to support our pupils to develop key skills and a love of learning that will really enable them to thrive. 


“We are really proud that we are not just giving children in our academy those opportunities but that we are also helping other schools to do the same.”


Melanie Cripps, Headteacher at Lifton Community Academy, said: “We are all so delighted to have received the prestigious Primary Science Quality Mark for outreach. This is a tremendous achievement and a true testament to Katie’s tireless work to inspire our pupils, as well as those across the Learning Academy partnership and further afield to develop a love of science.” 

Lifton Community Academy receives prestigious award for supporting schools to provide a gold-standard science provision