Pupils enjoy exciting National Storytelling Week at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy

Pupils at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, which is part of the Learning Academy Partnership (LAP), have enjoyed celebrating National Storytelling Week.

The children took part in a range of activities that allowed them to celebrate their love of reading and passion for sharing stories with their teachers and peers.

As part of the week’s celebrations, pupils were invited to bring in their favourite book and cuddly toy to share with their class. The children enjoyed helping to inspire one another to read different books.

The pupils were also visited virtually by a number of guests who read exciting stories to them. Danni Cooke, the Trust’s Ilsham English Hub Lead, read a wonderful story ‘Once Upon a Dragon’s Tail’ whilst over 1500 pupils across the Trust tuned in to listen.

A particular highlight of the week for everyone across the academy, was the visit from Mabel, the academy’s therapy dog, who supports pupils in practising their reading. The children thoroughly enjoyed reading their favourite stories to Mabel.

National Storytelling Week cumulated in a visit from David Lawrence Jones, local children’s author, who entertained the children with an interactive literacy showcase, acting out scenes from his adventure books. The children were enthralled and were keen to choose one of David’s books to have signed and take home to share the story with their families.

In order to continue the excitement around storytelling after the week had ended, All Saints Marsh has introduced ‘Everywhere Bear’, which is a bear that children take home weekly so they can write about the adventures they have had with the bear over the weekend. Children are then encouraged to read their stories about their weekend to the rest of the class on Monday.

Laura Secker, Head of Academy at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy, said: “National Storytelling Week was a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore new stories with their families and friends and widen their knowledge. 

 “We have recently introduced the ‘Reading for Pleasure’ scheme, led by Michelle Rippon, which supports the children’s love and inquisitiveness of reading and has been shown to improve their wellbeing and empathy. It gives them the opportunity to use their imagination to explore new ideas, visit new places and meet new characters.” 

Pupils enjoy exciting National Storytelling Week at All Saints Marsh C of E Academy