Children at Little Stars celebrate their next steps with a graduation ceremony

The children at Little Stars Childcare Centre, which forms part of the Learning Academy Partnership , have marked their last day with a graduation ceremony.

The staff put together the ceremony to celebrate the children’s fantastic achievements throughout their time at the centre and to wish them the best of luck with their next steps.

During the graduation, the children got to dress up in caps and gowns, while they were handed their Little Stars Childcare Centre ‘diploma’. The children all had a lot of fun during the event and were happy they got to take home a certificate as a reminder of their hard work.

Throughout their year at the centre, the children have gotten involved in all sorts of fun activities and have really flourished through their engagement with the environment around them. They are all leaving this year with a lot of new friends and some great memories.

Despite having to face challenges that the pandemic has thrown their way, both the children and their families have shown a lot of resilience, confidence, acceptance, trust, and buoyancy. The whole Class of 2021 have a lot to be proud of.

The children are due to start Reception at Ellacombe C of E Academy in September, which also forms part of the Learning Academy Partnership.

The Learning Academy Partnership provides a first-class education to its pupils across the South West, and has done so since it was founded almost 10 years ago. The Trust is rated the best Multi Academy Trust in the country for the performance of disadvantaged children and in the Top 10 Trusts nationally for the progress that children make.

Evie Semmens, Headteacher at Ellacombe C of E Academy said: “Following a challenging year, it is great to see the children all have a chance to celebrate their achievements. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the pupils into the Ellacombe family this September, I am sure they will all fit in to our school community very well.”

Children at Little Stars celebrate their next steps with a graduation ceremony