Children join the circus for laughter-filled day of fun

Pupils at All Saints Marsh have taken part in a day of circus training.

The training sessions were led by Tilly from Circus Sensible, who brought various pieces of equipment to help teach the children a range of new skills.

Following some detailed demonstrations of each piece of equipment, both the pupils and staff had the chance to try their hand at juggling, spinning plates and exploring the tricks and skills that are normally found at the circus.

The day was filled with lots of giggling and cheering as the children immersed themselves in the fun of learning some brand new skills. The children were given the chance to practice all the different circus activities in order to really challenge themselves.

The pupils showed fantastic resilience when practising their new skills and by the end many could easily spin plates and juggle.

Head of Academy, Julie Edwards, sadi: “What a fantastic, fun experience for all of our children. They couldn’t wait to have a go at the circus skills and showed great perseverance to master them. We place great importance on making sure our children have a  broad and balanced curriculum that involves physical and creative opportunities alongside academic success.

We want our children to learn in a happy, nurturing environment where everyone has the confidence to fulfill their hopes and aspirations and perhaps we have helped inspire some future entertainers.”

Arthur, a pupil at the school, said: “I am so happy because I was to give up, but I was helped and I could do it and I did it really well!”

Tilly, the trainer from Circus Sensible, said: “Juggling is not an easy skill to master. It took me the whole summer, but it was lovely to see the children persevering and having fun!”

Children join the circus for laughter-filled day of fun