Charleton is an Ofsted Good School

Following the Ofsted inspection of Charleton C of E Academy during the Spring Half Term, the proud staff and children have been celebrating the judgement that the school is a Good school.

The report stated:

Children flourish in the Nursery. Staff help them to become inquisitive and confident learners. Staff help children to develop their vocabulary. They present information to children in exciting ways. Relationships between younger and older pupils in the Nursery are warm and friendly. Children particularly enjoy hearing their teachers read to them.

The school’s approach to the teaching of early reading has been further improved lately.  Leaders have put a clearly organised phonics programme in place. Children in the Reception class quickly learn how to read. Staff make regular checks to see how well pupils learn sounds. The books that pupils take home to read contain the sounds they know. This continues into key stage 1, where pupils apply their knowledge of sounds they have learned when reading.

The school’s mathematics, reading and writing curriculum is well established. Teachers plan learning well so that most pupils build on what they know already.

School leaders and teaching staff have worked with other schools in the MAT to develop an ambitious curriculum. Pupils learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a strong knowledge of Christianity and other faiths. Pupils gain the knowledge they need for life in modern Britain. For example, they enjoy learning about local, national and global issues in geography and history. Teaching encourages pupils to read high-quality texts and to write across a range of genres.

Charleton is an Ofsted Good School