System Leadership

Together, we have an opportunity to improve the educational system. Outstanding leaders and teachers at all levels are key in facilitating school to school support. Bespoke, immediate and individual support for teachers with immersion in outstanding teaching and learning and the sharing and development of outstanding practice, has meant that improvement is rapid.

Currently, the majority of teaching across the Learning Academy Partnership is OUTSTANDING with all teaching being at least GOOD. The Trust will do all it takes to support leadership and teaching across our schools so that all teaching is supported to become OUTSTANDING and that all present and new academies joining the Trust are also recognised as ‘OUTSTANDING’ and continue to improve.

Pivotal to our success and our improvement process is the Education and School Improvement Team. This consists of the Learning Academy Partnership’s Chief Executive, (an experienced National Leader of Education), Director of Education and Heads of individual academies. Joint leadership working across all schools ensures that skills and expertise is shared and developed and that schools do not become isolated or vulnerable. Through shared leadership, all build capacity whilst contributing and drawing upon expertise and support.

The Chief Executive’s wider role is to provide professional challenge and support, helping the academy leadership to evaluate performance, analyse the priorities for improvement and plan effective change.

Academies have access to and are able to draw upon a wide range of the resources of the Trust to meet individual needs as required.

  • Working with Heads of Academies and Governance, the Chief Executive relentlessly focus on enabling schools to become ‘Outstanding’. This will be realised by ensuring that all teaching is outstanding and children make outstanding progress.
  • A talented and growing number of outstanding leaders and teachers are currently employed within the Trust. A new academy will benefit from immersion in outstanding practice at all levels.
  • Curriculum expertise is shared across academies and this helps to provide more high-quality experiences and opportunities for pupils and improve the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Shared resources ensure cost-effective and improved outcomes for children.
  • Leadership costs are reduced as staff work across settings.
  • Access to a wide range of highly qualified, dedicated experts in: Special Educational Needs; a team of ICT Technicians, Pastoral Support Team, Behaviour Support Team, Speech and Language provision, EAL provision, dedicated Art specialist, dedicated PE specialist team.
  • Specialist Leaders of Education that build capacity and support improvements in: Literacy, Maths, Curriculum Development, School Business Management, EYFS and Assessment.
  • Governance training and support. A National Leader of Governance.
  • Growing leadership at all levels is high priority; through collaborative practises, we provide shadowing and coaching opportunities across the Partnership to share and implement outstanding expertise and to ensure ‘Excellence for All’.

There may be occasions when a school wishing to join the Trust is without a substantive Head or key leaders; in such circumstances the Trust has the capacity to provide immediate and additional full-time leadership support from within its current staffing structure, working alongside the Chief Executive, to provide high-quality leadership.

Leaders in the Trust are ready and able to work in a newly sponsored academy in response to any gaps or changing to its staffing structure.