Talk, Reading and Exploring Story Characters

Who are your favourite story characters?

Can you read some of the things that the characters are saying in the different books using different voices?

  • What would the Giant’s voice be like in the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’?
  • How would the Sloth speak in ‘Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth’? 
  • What would Little Bear’s voice be like when he is scared that he has heard something?
  • What would Hoot the Owl’s voice be like from the story ‘Hoot’ by Jane Hissey?
  • How would Alice from Alice in Wonderland be talking if she was thirsty? 

Have a go at practising lines from stories and use different voices.

The Chatterpix App is another fun way to explore the voices of characters:

Here is a fun way to make your favourite book characters talk: you could always take a picture of your favourite toy and then get them to read a line of your favourite book or get one of your toys to practice sound talking!

Here is what you do:

Press take a photo and then either take your picture or upload one you have previously taken.  Press next and then draw a mouth on your picture and press the record button and record what you want your character to say and then press stop (you can do up to 30 seconds).  Press next and add any frames you want or filters and then press next.  Then press save.

Here are some examples:

  • The Tiger from the book ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr
  • A Camel from the book ‘Where in the Wild’ by Jonny Lambert
  • A toy practising sound talking

Draw a mouth and then press record and then press save! 

Another Challenge

Make a sentence out of words that your child can read independently and practise reading it in different voices.  

Why not try:

  • Robot voice
  • Scary voice
  • Whisper 
  • Singing voice
  • Cheerful voice
  • Sad voice.

There are dozens of different voices you could have fun using and it also helps your child to practice blending their sounds together to read.