Speedy Sounds Practice

How you can help
Gather the sounds cards that your child knows (either on flashcards sent home from school or if you don’t have any then there are many free downloadable ones on websites such as Twinkl or alternatively just cut up some bits of paper and write the sounds on them yourself).

Practice showing the sounds to your child and getting them to say them clearly (soft sounds avoiding the schwa) and quickly flick through them. (If your child doesn’t know one of the sounds then put that sound to the side for now to go over again).


  • How many sounds can you say in a minute? Tomorrow can you do more?
  • If you can do all of them in less than a minute then how many times can you do some of them.
  • Can you do them in a loud voice, a soft voice.
  • Can you test your brother/sister/mum or dad

You can access the videos (link below) to support this (two videos on separate slides, please flick to the next slide after the first):

Videos: Speedy sounds practice

Did you know there is a difference between knowing a sound and speedily knowing a sound? The more speedily we can recall our sounds then the quicker we can identify them when we blend sounds together to read them. This makes it easier as we can read the word quicker.