Teach your Monster to Read


Phonics and Reading Game

This is a great app that can currently be downloaded for free that helps children with their phonics, this is DfE approved:

Reading daily with a matched books to the sounds your child knows will help them in their reading journey.  Alongside this sharing stories where you are reading them to your child and even picking out key words for them to read helps them learn how to become a storyteller.  It helps children develop a love of reading and creates a quality time where you can have a great discussion around books.

Commenting on what you think about the story helps children generate their responses and discussing the language such as what the word ‘dawdling’ means in the story ‘Tiddler by Julia Donaldson’ helps children to understand and use the new vocabulary.  By accessing this language through sharing stories with you means that when they come to read these words then they can understand the meaning of them.