Oral blending and segmenting

Please view the videos (link below) for some ideas of how you can do oral blending and segmenting at home:

Videos: Oral blending and segmenting

Oral blending and segmenting (the ability to segment words into sounds and the ability to blend sounds into words) are vital skills to help children learn to read and to learn to spell.  These skills are important to keep doing together even when children can do it independently.

Play I spy around the house – “I spy with my little eye a s-l-i-pp-er ……slipper.”

The more you model then the more exposure your child will in learning this key skill.

Why not then make a list of the different things you can find.  Go on a certain colour hunt and see what you can find, find different size objects or different shapes.  The list is endless.

Encourage children to have a go at writing the words themselves through hearing the sounds that they know.

Use oral blending and segmenting throughout the day such as what you are having for lunch: “Today we are going to have f-i-sh and ch-i-p-s”.