Floppy Phonics


Oxford University Press are now offering a period of free access to Floppy’s Phonics Teaching Programme online subscription whilst we are in this period of school closure!

This programme offers phonic teaching resources and individual practice resources that can be done at home.  It also includes the contents of the Sounds and Letters Books.

The annual cost of the subscription is £100.00pa, you can sign up for full access to this very useful resource, at no cost, until September, but you will still retain the right to cancel at this point if you so wish without incurring any penalty.

If you would like to sign your school up for this resource please email  shelley.ross@oup.com (Devon and Cornwall) and anne.george@oup.com (Somerset).  If you are in another region please contact your OUP rep or email one of the above and they will forward it on.  The OUP reps will then sign you up for the subscription with a free lead in period so that their subscription and invoicing does not start until September, although you will get immediate full access.  However, the onus is on the school to cancel the subscription if they do not wish to continue with it and receive an invoice.  There will be no penalty if you do cancel.