Torbay School Library Summer Event

Friday 8th July 2022, 2.30 – 2.50pm (Zoom)

Danni Cooke from Ilsham English Hub will read a story with all participating Torbay Schools. It will be a chance for the different schools and classes to join in with a collective read aloud.

There will then be further information about the Summer Reading Challenge at the library that launches on Saturday 9th July.

Would your school like to be a part of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge? Libraries Unlimited have invested in additional packs for distribution in schools, to support children’s literacy development in Torbay. These packs include a poster, pencil, bookmark and paper game. To get started with the challenge, children should take their pack to the library, read 6 books over the summer, collect stickers, and then their certificate upon completion.

Booking form (for Torbay Schools only):