Shanghai Exchange

Shanghai Exchange

Two Mathematics leaders from a school in Shanghai have spent a two-week period teaching Maths at one of our academies, Warberry C of E Academy, in Torquay.

Mr Bao and Miss Zhu have been working alongside our Math Specialist, Mr Lewis-Cole, and his colleagues to deliver high quality Maths lessons to children in Year 2 and Year 5.

Mr Lewis-Cole took part in a research visit to Shanghai in September 2017 and this return visit forms the second part of an ongoing exchange project with Shanghai.

The exchange is part of a long term project, run within the Maths Hub programme, to help teachers in English schools introduce mastery approaches to teaching Maths in their schools.

During their visit, Mr Bao and Miss Zhu have been visited by over 200 teachers from across the county and have engaged in hours of discussions focused on unpicking their lessons and mastery pedagogy that underpinned the lesson design.

This is the fourth such exchange and is being run as part of the National Maths Hubs programme funded by the Department for Education, and coordinated by the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.