Feed a Child Torbay (FACT) at Ellacombe

Feed a Child Torbay at Ellacombe

Ellacombe C of E Academy in Torquay, part of the Learning Academy Partnership, recently teamed up with a newly-formed charitable group, Feed a Child Torbay (FACT) and provided free hot meals to local families in need, during the school Christmas holiday period.

During the school term, children are able to access additional nutritional support, such as free breakfast clubs and free school meals. When schools are closed this support, that families rely on, is not available and this can have a number of serious implications on the child and their families.

Ellacombe Academy therefore teamed up with FACT to run a PILOT project over the Christmas holiday period inviting local families for a free hot meal at Ellacombe Academy on the 19th, 21st, 27th and 28th December.  Places were offered to all families in the Ellacombe community on a booking basis, to ensure appropriate catering.

Mrs Atkinson, Chief Executive of the Learning Academy Partnership said,

“For many families the Christmas season, especially during the current economic climate brings additional pressures and challenges and can be a time of stress, worry and anxiety. This is far removed from the warm and jolly ‘perfect’ Christmas adverts of indulgence and cheer’ that we see on our television screens.

We are delighted, therefore, to team up with FACT to support local families in our community. The project has depended on the support of volunteers and the public and members of staff who gave up their time during the holiday to serve families in the community. We very much hope that the project is a success and the intention is that this can then be rolled out during future school holidays.”